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Will your insurance company pay to remove a tree?

Tuesday - 8/30/2011, 12:59pm  ET

Kristi King,

WASHINGTON - With so much tree damage from Hurricane Irene, there's a good chance you or somebody you know will have to file an insurance claim. But will your insurance company pay to remove a tree, and who pays for the damage if your neighbors tree fell into your yard?

If a tree falls on your property but doesn't hit anything, insurance likely will not cover the cost of clean up. About the only time insurance might pay to clear a downed tree that hasn't damaged anything is if it's blocking your driveway.

If your neighbors tree falls onto your propery, AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance says forget about who owns the tree, because whomever owns the damaged property has to be the one to file a claim. Unless there's negligence which would be tough to prove during a storm associated with a hurricane.

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