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Saturday - 2/12/2011, 3:33pm  ET

New! Please read! Due to the large volume of comments being posted daily, WTOP editors can no longer personally moderate the message boards. We have moved to an automatic approval system, with user ratings and abuse reports. If a particular comment reaches a certain threshold of negative votes, it will "hide" and those who then wish to read it will have to click to open it. Reports of abuse will be taken seriously and we reserve the right to remove comments at will and to block questionable users, though we really don't want to do that. Bottom line: play nicely, people. Don't be a jerk just because you can.

(Also please note that by logging in through the links in the upper right hand side of the website, you can now modify your accounts to include avatars and screen names.)

The following guidelines still hold true:

  • The views and opinions expressed in these comments belong to the people who write them only.
  • Be nice. Be reasonable. Be intelligent.
  • No personal attacks, hate speech or threats toward private individuals, religious figures or other comment posters will be allowed.
  • No suggestive or offensive language, including insulting other posters will be permitted.
  • Posts should have a point and should have relevant content.
  • No posts offering or advertising commercial products or services will be published on the site.
  • If possible please check your spelling in a word processor. Nothing kills your credibility like bad spelling.
  • Uppercase in text is the equivalent of SHOUTING. Comments in all uppercase are not allowed.
  • Feel free to share your opinion or beliefs on an issue, but keep in mind, this is not a religious forum.
  • Humor is welcome in appropriate situations, as long as it follows the other guidelines, however mean-spirited sarcasm is discouraged.