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Restaurant in 18th Century roadhouse closing in Oct.

Wednesday - 9/7/2011, 3:17pm  ET

The Cracked Claw in Frederick County will be closing in October. (WTOP Photo/David Burd)
David Burd,

FREDERICK, Md. - A staple of the Frederick County dining scene will be shuttered next month.

Years ago many Washingtonians traveled to Frederick County a restaurant named "Peter Pan," now known as the Cracked Claw. Owners B.J. and Johnny Poole say the high cost of being in business caused them to shut down.

The owner's daughter, Angel, said that three years ago they hooked up to Frederick County's water and sewer line at a cost of $450,000 dollars, with $100,000 needed up front and $13,000 due every quarter.

"This was the straw that broke the camel's back," said Angel.

The restaurant also tried to house off track betting, but the venture didn't bring in the expected revenue.

The property has been sold to developers.

The Cracked Claw was originally an 18th century road house with four tombstones on the property. Legend has it that one of the graves was empty. It was the grave of small girl named "Lucy" a small girl, who supposedly haunted the restaurant.

Angel says the graves were just a tale, but when asked about the ghost of "Lucy," she doesn't deny her existence.

She said that she and her friends used to go upstairs and play with a Ouija board to communicate with Lucy. She said that now that the property has been sold, she hopes that Lucy will finally rest in peace.

The last day for the Cracked Claw will be on Sunday, October 9. Angel is hoping that their friends and anyone with fond memories will show up for the last day. Angel says her parents will be retiring and she will be looking for a job.

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