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Shopping on the right day can lead to major savings

Monday - 11/7/2011, 5:12am  ET

Shopping for a new television? Monday is the best day to find the lowest prices. Friday is the worst. (AP)

WASHINGTON - Picking the right day of the week to shop for certain items can end up saving you at the cash register.

SmartMoney reports the best deals on groceries come on Sundays thanks to plenty of new coupons you can combine with sale prices.

In the market for a new book? Look on Saturday. Appliances? Go on Sunday.

If you're looking for clothes, try Thursdays, when stores start most sales and beef up inventory. Not only will you get a deal, but you'll have a better selection, too.

Your best shot at a car deal comes Mondays, when the sales department may feel under pressure. says if you're buying a TV, digital camera or computer online, Mondays are also the best days, when many manufacturers introduce discounts.

Plane tickets, however, are best purchased on Tuesday, says SmartMoney. That is the day airlines try to match others' sales.

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