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Regional gas prices drop for fourth straight week

Thursday - 6/9/2011, 6:30am  ET

WASHINGTON - Gas prices have fallen for the fourth week in a row.

WTOP's weekly Price at the Pump survey shows regular gas is $3.87 a gallon, down six cents from last week.

The average for mid-grade is $4.05, down eight cents from last week. Premium is now $4.17, down seven cents, and diesel fuel is now $4.14, down a penny from last week.

The average for regular fuel continues to be cheapest in Maryland, at $3.79. That compares to $3.83 in Virginia and $4 in D.C.

Here are the current and past gas prices:

6/08/11 Week Ago Year Ago
D.C. $4.00 $4.04 $2.81
Maryland $3.80 $3.85 $2.72
D.C. Metro area $3.87 $4.03 $2.82

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