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Savvy shoppers save by couponing

Tuesday - 5/17/2011, 12:06pm  ET

coupons (WTOP Photo/Colleen Kelleher)
Newspapers and junk mail inserts can yield you a boatload of coupons, many of which can be doubled or tripled, depending on where you shop. (WTOP Photo/Colleen Kelleher)

UNDATED - Higher grocery prices and TV shows like "Extreme Couponing" have shoppers trying to find ways to save a buck, and that's led to an explosion in the number of websites offering coupons, making it -- in some ways -- more difficult to find good coupon sites.

Savvy shoppers have long known that using or clipping coupons at the grocery store can cut the family food bill, especially when combined with grocery store loyalty cards and weekly specials.

There are now more than 500 sites offering coupons and discounts, according to Smart Money.

But not all the sites are worthwhile -- some even threaten your computer with spyware.

Bargain hunters say among the best sites is because it offers up to 200 grocery coupons a day.

Good coupon sites will show you coupon lists and the dates the coupons will expire.

Some sites will tell you what flier a particular coupon came in and how much you'll save.

Some go as far as creating lists for you based on your grocery store preference and will tell you the deals that are specifically at your store. Those lists can easily be emailed to your cell phone so you have them at the store.

If you are looking for a deal, here are some sites to help you on your quest for savings:

Couponing comes with its own jargon, and every grocery store has its own set of rules, but if you learn the ins and outs, you could save quite a few dollars.

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