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Olive oil: It's not just for cooking anymore

Monday - 4/11/2011, 1:54pm  ET

Olive oil is good for more than just cooking. (AP Photo)

Kristi King,

WASHINGTON - How well stocked is your medicine cabinet? Maybe better than you think, considering the alternative uses for some common products.

Inside of your nose dry? Mountain climbers use lip balm up in there.

Chest rub is good for foot massages. Readers' Digest also says bubble bath makes great liquid soap that doesn't dry out your hands. And, if you suffer from sweaty palms, rub some antiperspirant into your hands.

Joey Green's wacky uses for brand name products says WD-40 removes chewing gum, crayon, and tar, from most surfaces. Just let it soak in awhile before wiping it off.

Also from Super Glue: if your fingers get stuck together or stuck to something else, gently rub yourself free using cooking oil.

If you're looking for a closer shave or to loosen a stuck zipper, Real Simple magazine says look in your kitchen cupboards and pull out that olive oil.

You may want to hang on to the bottle because it's also good for treating dry skin and dusting furniture. says baby and vegetable oil are good for removing sticky bandages.

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