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Changing your driving habits can save you money

Sunday - 2/20/2011, 8:55am  ET

Hank Silverberg,

WASHINGTON - Gas prices continue to climb across the country, but there are ways that you can save money on gas.

The average price of unleaded regular was at $3.13 a gallon as last week ended. Driving less is always an option for saving money, but experts say that changing your driving habits can also have a big impact.

"If you are driving around with golf clubs in your car right now, its probably not a good idea," says John Felmy from the American Petroleum Institute.

He says you could save as much as $714 a year simply by making some changes.

Felmy says tuning your car regularly, keeping your tires properly inflated, driving slower and avoiding jack rabbit starts at traffic signals will help.

He says you should also shop around for the best price and take advantage of some of the "loyalty" programs that are being run by gas stations and supermarkets.

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