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Randi Martin


Randi made Rock and Roll history in 1977 by becoming the first "SHE" on WSHE, a legendary rock station in Miami, Florida. Her hard rock roots softened a bit in 1993 when she became the afternoon DJ on Washingtons Soft Rock radio station WASH-FM. At that time WTOP and WASH were sister stations and both housed in the same building.

Randi went on to work with Mix 107.3 and the Arrow 94.7 before becoming a part of radio history once again with XM Satellite Radio. She had the opportunity to do country music on X-Country, Pop on The Blend and tell stories for XM's Womens channel "Take Five" Her voice has also sold products, MCed events and answered company phones as a freelance voice talent.

Hired by WTOP as a traffic reporter, Randi soon moved over to WTOP reporter status. She reports on lifestyle and trend features and gets her female point of view across with "A View from Venus", heard on Sunday afternoons. Randi is once again very happy to be in the same building that started her DC career and glad to work with a lot of those same people at WTOP.

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