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Olive oil, fish top EU food fraud list

Friday - 10/18/2013, 12:50pm  ET

BRUSSELS (AP) -- An EU draft report says olive oil, fish and organic food are subjected to fraud more than any other foods.

In fact, the report says beef is less risky, despite the scandal early this year over beef tainted with horsemeat.

European Parliament member Esther de Lange said Friday she is surprised meat did not make a top 10 list of foods subjected to fraud, based on academic studies, police records and industry consultations.

She also is surprised some supermarkets test calamari rings to make sure they're not made of pig's anuses.

Behind olive oil, fish and organic food, the other top 10 foods are milk, grains, honey and maple syrup, coffee and tea, spices, wine, and certain fruit juices.

A parliamentary committee is to approve the draft report next month.

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