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Police warn of fake alarm salesmen

Sunday - 6/26/2011, 7:01am  ET

Max Smith,

TAKOMA PARK, Md. - A man comes to the door, and says he works for your alarm company, adding that he's just there for some upgrades. Would you buy it?

Montgomery County Police are warning against it, after a man with just that claim showed up on a Takoma Park doorstep.

Police are warning you to be on the lookout for salespeople who may not be what they seem.

Some want to make money from the fees they charge you for imaginary work, or double charge you for service, but others are even more nefarious - using the chance to case your home so they can come back later to rob it.

Police say you should always double check with your alarm company if someone comes to your home before you let them inside. If you're just considering buying an alarm for the first time, police say you should make sure the company, and salesman, have a license from the State Police and the County, along with proper identification.

Police say most companies would not send technicians to homes unannounced.

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