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AP Pro32 ballot from Berman

Tuesday - 11/27/2012, 5:54pm  ET

Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Chris Berman of ESPN:

Week 13


1. San Francisco 49ers -- 49ers have "hot hand" BOTH sides of the ball.

2. Baltimore Ravens -- Fourth-and-29 by Ray Rice already part of football lore.

3. New England Patriots -- Congrats to coach Bill Belichick for win No. 200.

4. Houston Texans -- Must be exhausted.

5. Atlanta Falcons -- Have this close win thing down.

6. New York Giants -- What slump?

7. Denver Broncos -- "Easy" wins always the hardest.

8. Green Bay Packers -- Aaron Rodgers is right -- five straight wins masked a lot of things.

9. Chicago Bears -- Cutler plays and Bears are back.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Holding the spot on assumption when/if Ben comes back.

11. Seattle Seahawks -- Holding breath on cornerbacks' appeals.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Playing hard every week.

13. New Orleans Saints -- 0-4 hole now means REAL trouble in five-day span.

14. Indianapolis Colts -- Chuckstrong indeed.

15. Washington Redskins -- RG3 good for four TD passes every week?

16. Cincinnati Bengals -- Once again winning games they "should."

17. Dallas Cowboys -- December may have begun early.

18. Minnesota Vikings -- Heavy NFC North schedule now will be tough.

19. San Diego Chargers -- As tough a loss as it gets.

20. Detroit Lions -- As tough a loss as it gets.

21. St. Louis Rams -- Have another shot at 49ers.

22. Miami Dolphins -- Sprinkler system spurs Dolphins to win.

23. Buffalo Bills -- Four of last five at home finally.

24. Cleveland Browns -- Finally slayed Steelers dragon.

25. New York Jets -- Hard to duplicate that minute of football.

26. Carolina Panthers -- Nothing could be finer than Monday Night Football for Carolina.

27. Arizona Cardinals -- Now what Neil Lomax?

28. Philadelphia Eagles -- Even the rookies fumble.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars -- One-game winning streak.

30. Tennessee Titans -- Need a Music City Miracle.

31. Oakland Raiders -- Once proud Raiders-Chiefs rivalry is at bottom of list.

32. Kansas City Chiefs -- At least they're trying.


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