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Coalition of Evangelicals launches ad campaign in key congressional districts

Tuesday - 8/20/2013, 7:50pm  ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A coalition of Evangelical groups, including the Southern Baptist Convention, hopes to give an earful to key congressional lawmakers about immigration reform.

The Evangelical Immigration Table, formed last year, has launched a $400,000 radio ad campaign in 56 congressional districts. The ads will feature local pastors and national voices encouraging passage of immigration reform without delay. Dr. Barrett Duke of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission says the ads will air for two weeks "at saturation rates."

Pastor Felix Cabrera of Oklahoma City's Quail Creek Baptist Church says the collateral damage of the current policy that he has seen includes the detention and separation of parents from children born in the U.S.

And Amarillo, Texas, pastor Stan Coffey says Evangelicals should let their voices be heard on the issue and that he believes "this is what Jesus would have done if he were here."


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250-a-08-(Dr. Stan Coffey, pastor, Quail Creek Baptist Church, Amarillo, Texas)-"he were here"-Amarillo's Quail Creek Baptist Church pastor Dr. Stan Coffey says followers of Jesus shoud support immigration reform. (20 Aug 2013)

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