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Tips to boost your assorted energies

Monday - 6/27/2011, 3:39pm  ET

Kristi King,

WASHINGTON - Whether you're dragging from lack of sleep or emotional exhaustion, there are fairly easy ways to give yourself a boost without reaching for coffee.

A physical way to bump up your energy level is to move more. Even fidgeting at your desk will help get oxygen to your brain. You also can use food as fuel for more energy by eating something every three hours -- just something small and healthy like nuts, apples, yogurt or peanut butter.

This list of energy boosting tips from Reader's Digest also says a mental boost can come from altering your routine. Hold a drink in the opposite hand, or read a website from the bottom up.

Also, check email only a few times a day. And say "no" without elaborating. If you feel some kind of explanation is necessary, say you'd love to but really don't have the time.

A spiritual way to boost energy levels is to create a bliss list of things that bring you joy, like playing with the dog or reading a book. Whatever is on your list, try to do one a day.

Meditating can give you an emotional energy boost. Spend three minutes a day with your eyes closed, paying attention to your breathing. Think about inhaling calm, while exhaling stress and frustration.

Your energy level also may improve with a morning mantra. Wake up every day telling yourself something like "I'm grateful for my life" or "I'm proud of everything I'll do today."

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