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Automakers welcome support for zero-emission vehicles

Thursday - 10/24/2013, 4:40pm  ET

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Automakers are applauding a pledge today by the governors of eight states, to work together to help make the highways more friendly for zero-emission vehicles.

The goal is to create charging stations and other fueling infrastructure that would get 3.3 million of the vehicles on the roads by 2025, to curb greenhouse gas pollution.

Representatives from the eight states gathered today in Sacramento, Calif., to sign an agreement creating a task force that would help bring about those changes. By doing so, state officials hope to boost the market for electric cars, hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

In addition to California and New York, the states involved are Massachusetts, Maryland, Oregon, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Car companies say it's an important step toward getting consumers interested in the technologies. Until now, they've been slow to catch on because of worries about electric car range.

Dan Gage of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers says the goal of 3.3 million vehicles isn't currently achievable -- because without the necessary infrastructure, there isn't enough consumer interest.

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