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Shopping can extend your life, study finds

Monday - 4/11/2011, 6:23am  ET

grocery shopping (AP)
Researchers found seniors who shopped every day lived longer than those who shopped infrequently. (AP)

Max Smith,

WASHINGTON - If you need an excuse to break out that credit card, consider this - shopping can help you live longer.

Taiwanese researchers who monitored 1,841 people over the age of 65 found those who went shopping every day lived longer than those who didn't.

Even after adjusting for pre-existing conditions, researchers found that the exercise, social interactions and mental activity of shopping all helped.

And, in spite of the diet dangers at the average shopping mall, researchers found shopping can also improve diets, by increasing the chance someone will buy and eat fresh foods.

Writing in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, the researchers say the benefits are even more pronounced for men.

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