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This Is It: The One and Only Reason You Need to Buy Now

Wednesday - 5/22/2013, 11:00pm  ET

If you're deciding whether you should buy Baidu , Motley Fool contributor Kevin Chen has uncovered one piece of information that easily outweighs all other concerns you may have about the Chinese search giant.

Baidu CEO, Chairman, and founder Robin Li was appointed to a top political advisory body in the Chinese government for a five-year term. So while you may worry about all the things going bad for Baidu -- slipping (mobile) revenue and increased competition from Qihoo and Alibaba -- there's really nothing to worry about. You can bet that, given his new position, Li has even more clout to decide policy for how tech companies function.

While other companies like SINA and Sohu have been chummy with Chinese presidents in the past, this time it's completely different.

To learn more on why Li's government position is a sure-fire reason to buy Baidu, watch the video below.

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