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3 Companies Profiting Off Connections in China

Wednesday - 4/24/2013, 4:00am  ET

You may know that the Chinese government keeps its tech companies on a short leash. However, Chinese regulations shouldn't scare you out of your investments because the government-company relationship is a two-way street. Just look at the history of Baidu , SINA , and Sohu .

In the video below, Fool contributor Kevin Chen shows how Baidu won out against Google  and Qihoo , how SINA topped Tencent, and how Sohu has kept down Yahoo!. To learn more about how close these tech giants are to the Chinese government, watch the video now.

Of the well-connected companies mentioned, Baidu is perhaps the best positioned to profit from China's staggering growth. Not only does CEO Robin Li seem to have more political connections than any other CEO in China, but China's dominant search provider has a huge opportunity in mobile. In our brand-new premium report, The Motley Fool team tells you everything you need to know about Baidu. To access it now, click here.