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eBay's Magento Creates Solutions Program to Help Merchants Sell More

Saturday - 2/9/2013, 6:00am  ET

E-Commerce platform provider and eBay  division, Magento, unveiled the Solution Partner program to help merchants choose the right, third-party solutions provider.

Magento created the program after recognizing that a holistic, Magento ecosystem would best help their merchants grow. As their Enterprise Edition product has undergone tremendous growth in the size and scale of merchants, the company hopes training and certification requirements for third parties will help merchants find the right partner at the right budget faster. Some of the requirements include that solution partners have a broad set of design, development, integration, and marketing skills, and a record of successful Magento implementations. To ensure ongoing service quality, Magento will also monitor the partner quality on merchant satisfaction levels.

Brian Grady, a Principal at Gorilla Group, a top Magento Partner, reacted positively to the new program:

We are excited to continue to be an active participant in Magento's new Solution Partner Program. From creating dedicated Magento project teams to implementing a program to achieve Magento certification for our entire development team, we have long embraced the concepts that are at the core of this initiative. When fully implemented, the Solution Partner Program will further showcase Magento's inherent capabilities to help deliver exceptional outcomes for merchant's e-commerce channels.

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