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Why I Loaded Up on Amazon

Saturday - 1/5/2013, 8:30pm  ET

In the video, Austin Smith asks Jeremy Phillips about his purchase of . As the Fool's chief technology officer, Jeremy gets to see all the Fool's premium services, but he follows Supernova closely and tends to invest based on its advice.

Jeremy sees Amazon becoming more like a retail giant such as Wal-Mart , but with the benefit of unlimited shelf space and wider product variety. Amazon is also feeling the benefit of recurring revenue, as customers shift more toward online shopping for everything from rice to TV sets.

Austin agrees that Amazon is a good company for long-term-focused, forward-looking investors.

Amazon has been a longtime pick of Motley Fool superinvestor David Gardner, and it has soared 1,521% since he recommended it in September 2002. David specializes in identifying game-changing companies like this long before others are keen to their disruptive potential, and in helping like-minded investors profit while Wall Street catches up. Learn more about how he picks his winners with a free, personal tour of his flagship service, Supernova. Inside you'll discover the science behind his market-trouncing returns. Just click here now for instant access.