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US eases Guantanamo conditions for Ramadan

Tuesday - 7/9/2013, 6:38pm  ET

MIAMI (AP) -- A U.S. military spokesman says more prisoners at Guantanamo are being allowed to live in communal units for the first time since a clash with guards in April.

Navy Capt. Robert Durand says an unspecified number of prisoners have been moved back into communal units in a section of the prison called Camp 6. The move was part of a traditional "pardon" for disciplinary infractions issued for the Muslim holy period of Ramadan, which started this week.

Guards and prisoners clashed in April when officials moved prisoners into single cells on the U.S. base in Cuba after prisoners covered up security cameras.

Durand said prisoners on hunger strike will not be allowed to stay in communal. As of Tuesday, 105 of the 166 prisoners were on hunger strike.

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