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The WTOP guide to the Battle of Bull run anniversary events

Monday - 7/11/2011, 11:42am  ET

This 1865 photo shows Union soldies in front of the Henry Hill Monument, built by Union soldiers to commemorate those who died at the First Bull Run battle, Manassas National Battlefield park, Manassas. (AP File Photo)

Hank Silverberg,

MANASSAS, Va. - It's been promoted for months but now with the 150th commemoration of the First Battle of Manassas just over a week away, lots of people are starting to think about the traffic disruption it will create.

The events begin on a Thursday, July 21 and last though Sunday, July 24. A number of roads in and around Manassas will be closed for a few hours or a few days and when the major events take place. There could be backups in town and along major roads like Interstate 66 leading to the city and surrounding areas.

City Manager Larry Hughes says it will be easy to get to events in the city itself.

"We have shuttle buses going both ways to all the sites around Old Town. We have buses out to the re-enactment scene and people are encouraged to park at the Fairgrounds and use the shuttle buses."

There will also be special parking for employees of local businesses at Baldwin Elementary. But some events like the battle re-enactment at Pageland Farm, have different parking and ticket set-ups.

Find more information about getting to the events here.

Prince William County has coordinated with neighboring jurisdictions on traffic control during the events. Crowd estimates for the four days have been as high as 150,000 people.

Here's a list of events and traffic restrictions:

  • Battle Reenactment - July 23 & 24
    The reenactment of the Battle of First Manassas (Bull Run) will take place at Pageland Farm, which is adjacent to the National Battlefield Park. Tickets start at $24 for adults and $15 for children. Parking for this event will be at Jiffy Lube Live and shuttles will take people to and from Pageland Farm. The site is open from 6:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. Shuttles will run continuously from the site throughout the day.

  • National Battlefield Park Events - July 21
    The National Battlefield Park will host a number of activities on July 21, which is the actual day of the Battle of First Manassas/Bull Run. Parking for the morning events will be at the campgrounds across from the Henry Hill Visitor Center entrance.

  • National Jubilee of Peace - July 21 4 p.m.
    The event will take place at the Historic Court House in Prince William County adjacent to the City of Manassas Historic Manassas area. The event is free and parking will be at the Prince William/Manassas Court parking area. There will be a number of activities in Historic Manassas following the event.

  • City of Manassas Events - July 21-24
    Parking for these events will be held at the Prince William County Fairgrounds with shuttles going to the City of Manassas.

Long-Term Road Closures - July 20 to July 24

  • Prince William Street from Grant Avenue to the Parking Garage Entrance

  • West Street from Center Street to Prince William Street

  • Battle Street from Center Street to Prince William Street

Restricted Parking Areas - July 20 to July 24

  • Manassas Museum Handicap Lot
  • Diagonal spaces in front of the Manassas Museum
  • Water Tower Lot
  • Visitor Center Parking Lot

Road Closures for the Peace Jubilee - July 21

  • Grant Avenue between Church Street and Sudley Road
  • Lee Avenue from Peabody Street to West Street

Restricted Parking - July 21

  • Grant Avenue from Portner Avenue to Church Street
  • Lee Avenue from Peabody Street to West Street
  • West Street between Lee and Church

Road Closures during the parade - July 21

  • Main Street at OHS
  • Tudor Lane at Fairview Ave. Officer
  • Barricade-Prince William St. at Grant Avenue
  • Liberty St. at Prince William St.
  • Center Street at East Street
  • Battle Street at Center Street
  • Battle Street at Church Street
  • West Street and Center Street
  • Center Street at Grant Avenue
  • Church St at Quarry Road- diverted to Zebedee Street.
  • Quarry St. at Battle Street
  • Portner Avenue at Battle Street
  • Mathis Avenue at Irving St.
  • Main Street at Sudley Road
  • Irving Street at Portner Avenue
  • Maple Street at Portner Avenue
  • Sudley Road at Mathis Avenue
  • Sudley Rd. at Grant Ave.
  • Longstreet at Portner Ave.
  • Weir St. At Portner Ave.
  • Wilson Ave. at Portner Ave.
  • Fort Drive at Portner Ave.
  • Reb Yank Drive at Portner Ave.
  • Oliver Ct. at Portner Ave.
  • Liberia Ave. at Mathis Ave.
  • Liberia Ave. at Oliver Court
  • Ariel Ct. at Portner Ave.
  • Ditmars Ct. at Portner Ave.
  • Mahogany Ct . at Portner Ave.
  • Lamont Ct. at Portner Ave.
  • Diane Ct. at Portner Ave.
  • Sullivan Ct. at Portner Ave.
  • Public Works Drive at Portner Ave.
  • Adrienne Place at Portner Ave.
  • Mathis Ave. at Breeden Ave.

Parking Restrictions for July 22

  • West Street between Prince William and Center Street
  • Center Street between West St. and Main St.
  • Main Street between Center St. and Portner Ave.
  • Portner Avenue between Main Street and Breeden Avenue
  • Breeden Avenue between Portner Ave. and Mathis Ave.

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