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Crepes support hat program for cancer patients

Tuesday - 7/5/2011, 4:34am  ET

Crepes de Pouce Gras (WTOP Photo/Kathy Stewart)
Michele Hirata sells crepes at local farmers market to support her hat project, Fat Thumb. (WTOP/Kathy Stewart)
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Kathy Stewart,

WASHINGTON - A local woman has started a business to support her habit. But, it's a habit that's very sweet and giving.

Michele Hirata makes and sells savory crepes on weekends at the Dale City and Occoquan farmers' markets.

Her business is called "Crepes de Pouce Gras" which means Crepes of Fat Thumb in French. Besides being known as the crepe woman, she's also known as the chick with the fat thumbs -- hence the name.

The crepe business also supports Hirata's hat program, Fat Thumb.

For the past seven years, she's been making and sending her handmade hats to hair-loss patients, mainly cancer patients, for free.

"Cancer patients just loved it," she says of her hats. "It wasn't hot or itchy and you could wash it."

The best part she says, "They were so unique looking that it took away from their hair loss. And then people would talk about the hat versus their cancer."

Hirata began the hat program after her mother lost her 17-year battle with cancer. She says her mom hated wearing a wig or hat. And, that's why she developed a really comfortable hat knitted out of tie-dye T-shirt fabric.

She says her mission is it to bring smiles to faces of people battling hair loss. If you know someone who could use a smile, contact her at

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