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Man acquitted of attempted murder in I-95 road rage incident

Wednesday - 2/23/2011, 7:43pm  ET

DALE CITY, Va. - A 26-year-old man was acquitted of two charges of attempted murder, but was convicted of two lesser charges stemming from a road rage incident where he fired a gun at a dump truck in March 2010.

Gabriel Poventud was sentenced to 13 days in jail and a $5,000 fine after being found guilty of shooting at an occupied vehicle and reckless use of a firearm.

Poventud was charged with attempted murder after he fired 13 rounds at a Ford F550 dump truck on Interstate 95 in Dale City, Va., during the evening rush hour.

Poventud was cut off by the dump truck after he tried to merge into the southbound lanes of I-95 near Route 123.

Police say the drivers then "began engaging with one another in an aggressive manner."

The dump truck struck the Jaguar Poventud was driving twice.

Both vehicles ended up on the left shoulder of the highway, pinned against the Jersey wall. That's when Poventud got out of his car and started firing at the truck, hitting the vehicle four times.

Police say Poventud had his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter in the car during the incident.

The driver of the dump truck, James Bingham, is expected to plead guilty to reckless driving next month as part of a plea agreement for testifying at Poventud's trial.

Hank Silverberg contributed to this report. Follow Hank on Twitter.

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