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IntelliDyne employees donate PTO to help furloughed contractors

Tuesday - 10/8/2013, 4:29am  ET

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WASHINGTON - It is said that "every little bit helps" -- and that's true even during a government shutdown.

Especially if you are a furloughed government contractor such as those who work for IntelliDyne of Falls Church, Va. Employees there may voluntarily donate their paid time off hours to colleagues affected by the furlough.

And the donations are rolling in. Voluntary donations by more than half of IntelliDyne employees will provide nearly a month's pay for each of the 14 affected workers.

Tony Crescenzo, IntelliDyne CEO says they came up with the plan when they realized, "like most organizations of our size, we would be forced at some point to put those employees on forced paid time off."

Crescenzo added that "once they run out of paid time off, they would essentially be [like] a furloughed government worker on vacation without pay."

But, unlike federal workers, when Congress passes a bill to retroactively pay government workers, government contract workers don't get paid.

Crescenzo spent eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps and says, "one of their many mottos is 'we don't leave anybody behind,' so we really took this seriously and we wanted to take care of our own."

And if the the shutdown ends before the hours are used, any remaining hours will be returned to the donors.

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