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Lawyers meet to decide fate of Megaupload data

Wednesday - 4/25/2012, 5:09pm  ET

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Lawyers for the government and the file-sharing site will meet with a federal magistrate to seek a solution on what to do with of millions of data files that went dark when the Megaupload site was shut down as part of an online piracy case.

Megaupload's millions of users lost access to their data, 25 million gigabytes' worth, when federal prosecutors accused the site of facilitating massive copyright infringement of pirated movies and TV shows.

Prosecutors say most of the data on Megaupload is illegally pirated material. But Internet advocates want a process put in place so legitimate users of the site can retrieve their files. And Megaupload wants access to the data as evidence for its defense.

The meeting Thursday in federal court is closed to the public.

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