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Mayor to Obama: Concern over Mark Center security

Tuesday - 9/13/2011, 6:23am  ET

The Mark Center is located off Interstate 395 at Seminary Avenue. (WTOP Photo/Greg Otto)

Neal Augenstein,

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Even as relocated Defense Department employees begin reporting to the Mark Center, Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille remains concerned over possible security vulnerabilities -- concerned enough to send a letter to President Barack Obama.

The letter, dated Thursday, comes after an article posted on the Time magazine website referred to a Department of Defense report which said the Washington Headquarters Services office complex would be vulnerable to a truck bomb.

Euille wrote he was "very disappointed" the city has had a hard time getting enough information from the defense department to prepare an emergency response plan, and called for the city to be treated as a "full partner" in addressing public safety needs, according to a report in The Washington Times.

Scott Harris, a spokesman with the Army Corps of Engineers, says the protection levels at the new complex, located off Seminary Road, are similar to levels at the Pentagon.

"The bomb-resistant protection is a single aspect of what is actually a much larger series of protective measures that work as a system and have been put in place to protect the future residents," Harris says.

More than 6,000 Pentagon employees will eventually be relocated as part of the federal government's Base Realignment and Closure plan.

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