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Alexandria imposes parking restrictions in anticipation of BRAC move

Sunday - 5/15/2011, 11:25am  ET

There are only 3,700 parking spaces for the more than 6,400 jobs that wil be moving to the new Mark Center. (Greg Otto/WTOP Photo)

Hank Silverberg, wtop.com

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - It's going to be very hard to find a parking space in the neighborhoods adjacent to the new Mark Center after September 15, unless you live there and that's apparently what the residents want.

With more than 6,400 workers moving into the new Mark Center this fall, the City of Alexandria is moving ahead with new on-street parking restrictions.

"We are trying to do something in anticipation associated with the BRAC facility." says Vice Mayor Kerry Donley, who voted in favor of the new restrictions. The council vote on Saturday was 7-0.

The new rules will restrict parking to city residents only in a large part of the city's west end, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Violators to be subject to a $40 ticket.

Mayor Bill Euille says they will be monitoring how things work and could modify the restrictions at a later date. Some residents have requested a residential parking permit program that would restrict parking to residents 24 hours a day.

Residents are concerned because there are only 3,700 parking spaces at the new Mark Center.

Road improvements are scheduled to be made over the next three years, but parking been an issue in some of the adjacent neighborhoods even before the facility was built.

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