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From a Manila slum emerges an unlikely ballerina

Thursday - 12/27/2012, 8:48am  ET

In this photo taken Dec. 4, 2012, Filipino slum dweller Jessa Balote arranges her ballet shoes and clothes inside their cramped home at a place called Aroma in Tondo, Manila, Philippines. Balote, who used to tag along with her family as they collect garbage at a nearby dumpsite, is a scholar at Ballet Manila's dance program. As an apprentice, she makes around 7,000 pesos ($170) a month, sometimes double that, from stipend and performance fees. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

Associated Press

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- The ghetto called Aroma reeks of putrefying trash collected by its residents for recycling. Half-naked children with grimy faces play on muddy dirt roads lined by crumbling shanties of tarpaulin walls, cracked tin roofs and communal toilets.
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