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Zoo's ape naming contest down to 4 names

Wednesday - 2/6/2013, 1:48pm  ET

NORFOLK, Va. -- An ape born in August at the Virginia Zoo is inching closer to getting a name after zoo staff winnowed 457 suggestions down to four finalists.

The ape is a siamang, a large species of gibbon native to Southeast Asia.

Naming the baby siamang was delayed until zoo staffers could determine its sex (it's a girl). Baby siamangs constantly cling to their mothers for their first few months of life.

Name suggestions were then submitted to the Virginia Zoo's Facebook page. The most popular name was Sandy, which was suggested 17 times. Zoo staff opted for a more Asian-influenced name, befitting the siamang's heritage. The four finalists are: Baaboo, Lola, Malaya and Siamangtha.

The public can vote for a name until Feb. 15, at .

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