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Idaho wolf pup headed to Busch Gardens in Va.

Wednesday - 6/20/2012, 2:55pm  ET

BOISE, Idaho - A lost Idaho wolf pup recovered by tourists last month is heading to its new home in Virginia.

Idaho Fish and Game officials say the pup was shipped Wednesday to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va.

Idaho officials selected Busch Gardens from a list of facilities willing to accept the pup on a long-term basis.

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg has maintained wolves for more than 12 years and currently has nine in its care, including two other pups. The facility also serves as a training center for captive wolves for researchers affiliated with the Smithsonian.

The pup was picked up on May 25 near Ketchum by tourists who confused it with a domestic canine. Efforts to reunite it with its pack failed and the pup has stayed at Zoo Boise.

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