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Celebrate a long weekend with Astra Via

Friday - 11/23/2012, 3:37am  ET

Astra Via performs this Saturday at DC9. (Facebook)

Tim Bracken,

WASHINGTON - For Washingtonians who didn't leave town for Thanksgiving, live music could be the perfect way to make the most of the long holiday weekend.

This Saturday, Nov. 24, local pop duo Astra Via is scheduled to perform at local nightclub DC9.

Astra Via consists of Olivia Mancini and Jarrett Nicolay, both mainstays of the local music scene.

Mancini was a bassist in the Washington Social Club, and has several solo releases available.

Nicolay has been part of the pop group Virginia Coalition, and has released two solo albums under the name, My New Mixtape.

Separately, Mancini and Nicolay produce tuneful pop, but together the duo manages to meld their songwriting and performing skills into something truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Astra Via's debut album, "Folie Deux," kicks off with the Strokes-esqe "Fame," but then shifts gears for an acoustic pop shuffle, "Be Where You Are."

Mancini's vocals are confident, precise and wrought with emotion. Her sense for melody should make any songwriter jealous.

Nicolay's standout moments on the album include the beautiful acoustic ballad, "I Don't Mind" and the 60's-inspired, harmony-laden "Dreamland."

The album closes with a cover of the Beatles song, "I'm So Tired," seemingly indicating where most of the band's influence comes from.

The 7-track album makes a worthy addition to any pop fan's collection. The band is allowing anyone to download the album "free or name your price" at

Listen to Astra Via's "Folie Deux"

Watch Astra Via's video for "Fame"

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