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Biden welcomes Delaware-born sandwich shop to DC

Thursday - 11/21/2013, 3:58pm  ET

Vice President Joe Biden orders sandwiches to go Thursday at Capriotti's, 1800 M Street NW. The vice-president was the first customer at the new sandwhich shop. He bought sandwiches for staff and the president. (WTOP/Bob Madidgan)
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Biden first in line at Delaware sandwich shop

Bob Madigan, WTOP


The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vice President Joe Biden is welcoming a staple from his home state of Delaware to Washington.

Biden is attending the grand opening of a D.C. location of Capriotti's, a Delaware-born sandwich shop that's a longtime favorite of the vice president.

Biden said he's bringing back lunch for President Barack Obama and himself. He paid cash for the order, which included the signature "Bobby" sandwich.

Biden was known to frequent the chain's Delaware restaurants, and has even had their sandwiches brought in for events in Washington.

It's not the first time Biden is welcoming a new business to town. Last year he caused a stir at a new Costco location, picking out Christmas gifts and mingling with fellow shoppers.

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