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Lawyer: Scientist not sole suspect in wife attack

Tuesday - 5/29/2012, 3:25pm  ET

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - A lawyer for a marine biologist whose wife was found severely beaten last month says D.C. authorities have told him their investigation is not focused exclusively on his client.

Aitan Goelman told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he's provided police and prosecutors with evidence showing that David Guggenheim was out of town at the time his wife, Svetlana, was attacked last month. Guggenheim has said he's been treated as a suspect and was denied for several weeks the right to visit his wife at the hospital.

But Goelman says authorities have told him they're "looking at all possibilities and not simply focusing on the idea that the spouse might have done it."

Guggenheim's supporters, meanwhile, have begun a website soliciting legal aid contributions, saying Guggenheim has been "falsely suspected."

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